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happy new year x300by Shannon Kempe

It has become an annual tradition here at DATAVERSITY® to publish our top twenty most popular data management content for the year. What have people been reading? What’s hot and trending into the New Year? Our top twenty includes Data Blogs, Articles, News, and other formats published throughout the year.

A Couple of Quick Highlights

Big Data in and of itself as a standalone topic is trending down. We’ve seen trends showing people are not as interested in determining what Big Data is as much as they are getting to the heart of how to store, govern, and analyze the data. This year we saw a big jump in interest in Business Intelligence / Analytics. At the end of 2013, it generated 10% of the pages jumping up to 21% in 2014. Certainly some of that has to do with our seeing the interest rising and generating more content to be read on the topic, but it is also takes the top three individual spots of content read throughout the year.

And enter in Cognitive Computing. We hosted our first ever Cognitive Computing Forum in 2014 to help educate people in this trending topic. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, this and other subsets of Cognitive Computing are finally reaching practical application.

And without further ado… The Top 20

  1. ARTICLE: Distinguishing Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Science
  2. NEWS: 3 Types of Data Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive
  3. ARTICLE: 2014 Trends in Business Intelligence
  4. ARTICLE: Data Modeling In The Age Of NoSQL And Big Data
  5. RESEARCH PAPER: Deconstructing NoSQL
  6. ARTICLE: Data Architecture and Information Architecture: What’s the Difference?
  7. WHITE PAPER: The Precarious State of the CDO – Insights into a Burgeoning Role
  8. RESEARCH PAPER: Status of the Chief Data Officer: An Update on the CDO Role in Organizations Today
  9. BLOG: Characteristics of a Great Enterprise Data Modeler, Part I
  10. WHITE PAPER: Why is Measurement of Data Management Maturity Important?
  11. RESEARCH PAPER: Cognitive Computing: An Emerging Hub in IT Ecosystems
  12. ARTICLE: The Relevance of Open Source (Advanced) Analytics
  13. BLOG: To SQL, or to NoSQL…: That is STILL the Database Question
  14. ARTICLE: What’s Changing in Key-Value Databases
  15. BLOG: A Grand Unified Theory of Metadata
  16. BLOG: Where Should the Line between DBA and Data Modeler Role Fall?
  17. BLOG: HELP WANTED: IT Skill(z) in the Digital Age
  18. BLOG: Characteristics of a Great Enterprise Data Modeler – Part II
  19. BLOG: Semantic SOA makes Sense!
  20. ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Modeling Webinar: Supertyping and Subtyping

And there was so much good content, we had to extend the list even further:

  1. ON DEMAND WEBINAR: DataEd Webinar: Data Management Maturity Model
  2. BLOG: Data Models have Many Benefits. Here are 10 of them:
  3. ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Webinar: Understanding the New World of Cognitive Computing
  4. BLOG: Big Data Is Not the Death Knell of ETL
  5. ARTICLE: Cognitive Cloud Platforms: Cognitive Computing Apps for All

A huge thanks to all of our contributors for such great content and to all our readers who engage in so much of what we do. It’s been a fabulous year and we hope the New Year brings you much joy and prosperity.

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