Transforming Leadership Style to Succeed During the Crisis

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The rise of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has affected more than 31 million across 188 countries globally. Amidst such grave pandemic situations, corporate leaders are subjected to intense pressure. While they need to ensure the business is not negatively affected by people working from home, they also have to make sure their teams are comfortable and equipped to manage daily operations from their residences.

With the economy on a consistent downfall due to the lockdown, companies are facing enormous challenges. The future seems vague due to the long pause of manufacturing and disrupted operations. This pandemic demands that businesses transform their data strategies and enforce new courses of action. Vital consideration of, and interest in, transformative leadership has surfaced on all fronts.

All senior executives and CEOs need to maneuver through this time with some revised data leadership skills. This crisis has scrutinized and scrapped the traditional norms of managing a team and working with a team.

But how can a leader exhibit effective leadership in an unstudied and incomparable situation like this?

Here are a few traits leaders can adapt, build, and execute for visionary accomplishments in the post-COVID-19 world. These qualities elucidate the definition of an effective and transformative leader.


There is often a need to illustrate that everything is under control to the stakeholders, customers, and employees of the company. Transparency creates space for discussions, understanding, and development in times of crisis and otherwise. This is an efficient way to extract quicker and better solutions. The 21st century has triggered the need for transparency over time. What better time than a crisis to implement and exercise it wisely?


Leaders should communicate at a human and a business level with their employees. Communication is the key to every success and solution. Open and broad-minded communication is the torch-bearing skill of a successful leader amidst crises like a pandemic.


The current situation has created immeasurable uncertainty in relation to layoffs, salary cuts, and a lot more. In such times, leaders should broaden the horizon of understanding regarding the situation. Employees across all services are hampered with rising anxiety and expect their bosses to be considerate for better functioning of the organization.


They say planning for one hour will save ten hours of working. Thus, planning and strategizing according to the market, statistics, and evolving trends of the pandemic is a must. Planning of every department with exclusive and specific goals exhibits clarity and boosts working efficiency. When your employees and stakeholders know their own particular goal and the cumulative goal of the company, this will ensure better results.


Keeping up the spirits of the workforce is an essential task. Diluted motivation compromises the skillsets of employees. Difficult and challenging situations demotivate people and directly affect their ideal performance. Even though you cannot hold informal parties anymore, make sure you connect online with your staff with some activities to keep their spirits up. Here are some tips to keep your employees motivated during this difficult time.

Agile and Clear Decisions

The agility to analyze, communicate, and make firm decisions benefiting the company, currently and in the long-term, is a necessary management skill. Being the head man or woman, your decisions need to be precise and crystal clear. Without a doubt, leaders who make decisions while considering all the employees, customers, the market future, and the organization itself will stay in leadership for a long time. The ability to make smart and effective decisions during a certain time frame (especially in times of crisis) is a sign of an effective leader.

However, there are no ground rules for perfect leadership. The captain of the ship is the steerer of the voyage, so a sense of responsibility and pressure are natural. A global pandemic has put leaders on the radar and to the test, but this is no normal race. There are certainly no answers to this uncertain situation. Fulfilling your role and performing tasks that keep your workforce motivated is a necessary virtue for a leader to succeed amidst a crisis and otherwise. Refer to these amazing suggestions in the eBook How to Be a Great Business Leader: The Small Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide.

Satisfying people’s perception of a leader while managing constantly changing events is a taxing task for those in leadership roles. Each step and decision is questioned and potentially contentious. Leaders are juggling with rising tensions and idealized leadership policies. But in an unforeseen situation, they need time to think and analyze as well, don’t they? The world sometimes forgets CEOs and senior officers are human beings too.

All leaders who embrace their role and take to heart some of the tips above will come out of this difficult situation and become more learned and visionary versions of themselves in the future.

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