Want a music suggestion? Just ask DJ Twitter.

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screen shot of a seevl hack in action via Alexandre Eric Franzon

Alexandre Passant, founder of seevl, which we have covered before, has hacked together a cool proof of concept. He describes the project as using “Twitter As A Service,” and it leverages Twitter, YouTube, and the seevl API. As Passant describes, “The result is a twitter bot, running under our @seevl handle, which accepts a few (controlled) natural-language queries and replies with an appropriate track, embedded in a Tweet via a YouTube card.”

He continues, “As it’s all Twitter-based, not only you can send messages, but you can have a conversation with your virtual DJ.”

The examples he includes in the post demonstrate some interesting results. When he tweeted this request:

Alex Passant asks seevl to "play some punk rock" via Twitter.

Passant received this immediate reply – with the embedded YouTube video.:

Seevl responds to Alex Passant and includes YouTube video of Billy Talent.

As Passant points out, this work — while accomplished in only a few hours — demonstrates some very powerful integration of services, saying, “Besides the music-related hack, I also wanted to showcase the growth of intelligent services on the Web – and how a platform like Twitter can be part of it, using ‘Twitter As A Service’ as a layer for an intelligent Web.”


Read more about Passant’s proof of concept with additional examples, as well as his insights into how Twitter might be used as a service to deliver Semantic Web capabilities.

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