Webinar: How to Use a Semantic Layer on Big Data to Drive AI & BI Impact

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About the Webinar

Learn about using a semantic layer to make data accessible and how to accelerate the business impact of AI and BI at your organization.

This session will offer practical advice on how to drive AI & BI business outcomes with an effective data strategy that leverages a semantic layer.

You will learn how to achieve quantifiable results by modernizing your data and analytics stack with a semantic layer that delivers an order of magnitude better query performance, increased data team productivity, lower query compute costs, and improved Speed-to-Insights.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • Gaining business alignment and reducing data prep for your AI and BI teams.
  • Making a consistent set of business metrics “analytics-ready” and accessible.
  • Accelerating end-to-end query performance while optimizing cloud resources.
  • Treating “data as a product” and how to drive business value for all consumers.

About the Speaker

Dave Mariani

Founder & Chief Technology Officer, AtScale

Dave is the founder of AtScale and is the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to AtScale, he was VP of Engineering at Klout & at Yahoo! where he built the world’s largest multi-dimensional cube for BI on Hadoop. Mariani is a Big Data visionary & serial entrepreneur.

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