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About the Webinar


Let there be no doubt, Data IS getting smarter. Whether it be with embedded semantics, or contextual awareness, or the ability to automatically find and link to related information, data is making significant progress to satisfying increasingly complex problems and opportunities.

This panel will delve into these capabilities and show how you can take advantage of Smarter Data for requirements ranging from focused search and query, to faster data integration, and from natural language processing to automated metadata collection.

About the Speakers

Dave McComb

President, Semantic Arts

Dave McCombDave McComb has over 30 years of experience with enterprise level systems and enterprise architecture. He has built enterprise ontologies for over a dozen major enterprises.




Sean Martin

CTO, Cambridge Semantics

Sean MartinSean Martin has been on the leading edge of Internet technology innovation since the early nineties. His greatest strength has been the identification and pioneering of next generation software & networking technologies and techniques. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics he spent fifteen years with IBM Corporation where he was a founder and the technology visionary for the IBM Advanced Internet Technology group. Sean has an astonishing number of Internet “firsts” to his credit. These include inventing and implementing both IBM’s first Web application server and content-manager, WOM, along with its distributed Web application hosting environment, the Womplex, not to mention a number of other important web site scaling technologies.

Dave Duggal

Founder / Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb

Dave DuggalFounder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb LLC. Dave is the founder of an innovative startup EnterpriseWeb ( His company offers an award-winning application platform for dynamic, data-driven and elastically- scalable business processes. EnterpriseWeb delivers transformational solutions worldwide in industries from Telecom to Life Sciences. Dave has made a career of building, growing and turning around companies. Beyond being an entrepreneur, he is an inventor, the author of academic papers on “context-aware” computing, blogger and a regular conference speaker (CloudExpo, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, etc). Dave is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium ( and leads the Integration and Orchestration Team, which is providing guidance on next gen software architectures.

About the Moderator

Tony Shaw


Tony ShawTony is the Founder and CEO of DATAVERSITY Education, LLC. He is responsible for the business strategy of the company and its subsidiaries including,, and Wilshire Conferences, all of which conduct educational conferences, training, and publishing activities focused on the area of enterprise data management. Prior to founding DATAVERSITY, he also started a dotcom in the identity management space called BigID (which went the way of most dotcoms), and was the president of Technology Transfer Institute (TTI). He still facilitates TTI’s strategic technology forum for CTOs, called TTI/Vanguard.

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