WHITE PAPER: Putting Semantics to Work in Financial Services

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Putting Semantics to Work in Financial, in association with Recognos Financial and Expert System, is pleased to provide this white paper (PDF, opens in new window) as a free resource.  The white paper serves as an introduction to the use of Semantic Technology in the financial services industry, but the techniques and technologies referred to here can also be applied to other enterprises.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Semantic Technology Matters
  • Knowledge Management: More than just search
  • Customer Care: Using semantics for valuable insight
  • Sentiment Analysis: Hearing the voice of the customer
  • Key Benefits of Semantic Technologies (working with unstructured data, data integration, and data mining)

Be sure to also check out the recent webcast:
“Why Semantics Matter: Demonstrating the Power of Semantic Technology in Financial Services,” also created in partnership with Expert System and Recognos Financial.

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