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Philipp Wallner and Seth Deland

Philipp H.F. Wallner, Industry Manager, MathWorks

Seth Deland, Product Manager, MathWorks

Philipp Wallner in an industry manager for the industrial automation and machinery field at MathWorks, and is responsible for driving the business development of this industry segment that comprises energy production, automation components, and production machines. Prior to joining MathWorks, Philipp worked in the machine builder industry, where he held different engineering and management positions. He has a M.S. in electrical engineering from Graz University of Technology and an executive MBA in project and process management from Salzburg Management and Business School.

Seth DeLand is application manager at MathWorks for data analytics. Before that, he was product manager for optimization products.  Prior to MathWorks, Seth earned his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

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