Cloud Computing Trends in 2022

The global business environment has recently changed in many ways, from the pandemic to international supply chains issues and so many others, how we work and shop will likely never be the same. As a consequence, acceptance and use of cloud computing technologies has accelerated significantly – with eCommerce and working remotely as two cultural […]

Machine Learning for Organizations: Where Is It Now?

Machine learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), was sometimes referred to as “cognitive computing” in the past, and certain academic circles still today. Machine learning applications have been used for decades to automate complex human tasks that require analytic thinking, but recently the technology has expanded to encompass more business functions. Advanced ML […]

The Challenges of Data Quality

The Data Quality and Data Management market is going through a paradigm shift where the focus has turned to the business user. Historically, business users have been at the mercy of over-burdened IT departments with limited resources, but IT is not to blame. Even with the simplest query, the answer used to be “It’ll be […]

Data Architect vs. Data Engineer

Data careers are becoming increasingly important and popular all across the globe, simply because “data” is the new currency of the data economy. The Pandemic gave the needed push to accelerate the digital transformation of global businesses, and currently, the primary market differentiator is an enterprise’s data infrastructure readiness. This data infrastructure comprises systems, processes, […]

A Brief History of Neural Networks

In the last few decades, neural networks have evolved from an academic curiosity into a vast “deep learning” industry. Deep learning uses neural networks, a data structure design loosely inspired by the layout of biological neurons. These neural networks are constructed in layers, and the inputs from one layer are connected to the outputs of […]

Data Fabric vs. Data Mesh

In the hyper-connected world of the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), every computing network device is connected to another through a complex, interconnected network. This poses a serious challenge to future Data Management, as the ultimate goal is of Data Management is sharing of business data across disparate platforms and technologies. The terms […]

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