Sep 14 ADV Webinar: Organizational Change Management: Will It Hold Back Artificial Intelligence Deployments?

  Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar The disparity between expecting change and managing it – the “change gap” – is growing at an unprecedented pace due largely to artificial intelligence. Investments in artificial intelligence will only pay off if paired with organizational change management. Managing this transformation is […]

DAS Webinar: Data Quality Best Practices

  Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar Tackling Data Quality problems requires more than a series of tactical, one-off improvement projects. By their nature, many Data Quality problems extend across and often beyond an organization.  Addressing these issues requires a holistic architectural approach combining people, process, and technology. Join […]

Informatica Demo: Data Quality & Observability – Building Trust and Driving Business Success

  Download the slides here>> As modern organizations accelerate decision-making driven by data and analytics, the need for trusted, high-quality data has never been more important. Yet only 27% of data practitioners completely trust their data. And, 30% of time is spent on non-value-added tasks due to poor data quality and availability.  It’s critical to […]

Innovative Systems: Is Your Data Quality Good Enough to Support Your Business Initiatives?

  Download the slides here>> Massive increases in data volumes and the variety of data sources continue to challenge organizations that require high-quality data.  Turning this data into actionable intelligence and competitive advantage requires having the proper technology, people, and processes in place.  At the heart of being able to trust the information is ensuring […]