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Tejasvi Addagada


Tejasvi Chandrarkar Addagada, Principal Data Consultant at Fortune 500 Company

Tejasvi Addagada is a financial services consultant with more than 10 years of success in assisting fortune 100 banks to build and optimize data management and governance solutions. Tej provides wide range of services including data strategy analysis, risk management, service rationalization, digital transformation and process excellence. Now, he heads the data management and governance operations of a consulting firm, assisting its clientele.

Tej’s expertise comes from his areas of work including consumer banking, commercial banking and capital markets. As a process and domain consultant, for the global banks, Tej has leveraged his domain expertise along with data, people, process, and technology capabilities to transform major banking services. He has been an early data provocateur in the data management industry, connecting with the thought leaders, in standardizing the data industry. His write ups address common challenges and opportunities that organizations need to embrace in carving their way forward.

Recently, he has published his latest book, Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective Approaches. Apart from that, he is an abstract painter, and also likes to spend time with family.

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