Michele Iurillo

Michele Iurillo, Country Manager, Irion EDM

Michele Iurillo is VP Marketing, Events in DAMA Spain and founder of the Data Management Summit, a reference event in the world of Data Management. He is currently Country Manager of Irion in Spain and Latam. He has been involved in Data Management for the last 15 years. He collaborates with different media and DATAVERSITY, a real-world reference in the data world. He is CDMP certified by DAMA-I and lectures on the need for companies to discover the treasure of data that their systems generate daily. He teaches and tutors the Data Management Fundamentals course at UPV and DAMA Spain.

About Irion EDM

Irion EDM is an open, scalable, and efficient platform based on the innovative and disruptive “declarative” paradigm for implementing and managing all phases of the Data Management process. It provides all the necessary end-to-end functionality in a modular, data fabric-ready architecture.

Irion EDM is fully metadata-driven, a lean and “live” system at the service of solutions and applications. With its declarative approach, you can delegate the execution of all processes and intermediate steps. SQL-based and with little code, it is intuitive and easy to configure, even for non-technical specialists. 

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