Adam Glaser

Adam Glaser, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Appian

Adam Glaser oversees the entire product development team at Appian, consisting of product management, user experience, and training. Adam is accountable for the strategic direction of all Appian product lines and has overseen the integration of technology acquisitions in the RPA (2019) and Process Mining (2021) spaces. Under Adam’s leadership, Appian Engineering has grown from 15 to 500 employees working on the low-code application platform which allowed Appian to achieve multiple Gartner/Forrester leadership positions, 35%+ subscription revenue growth year-over-year and a market cap of $5 billion. With nearly two decades of experience delivering enterprise web and mobile software, Adam is passionate about building, leading, and scaling high-performance software development with strong emphasis on predictable delivery and effective go-to-market.

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