Anastasios Arampatzis

Anastasios Arampatzis, Cybersecurity | Information Security Content Writer, Bora Design

Anastasios Arampatzis is a retired Hellenic Air Force officer with over 20 years worth of experience in managing IT projects and evaluating cybersecurity. During his service in the Armed Forces, he was assigned to various key positions in national, NATO, and EU headquarters and has been honored by numerous high-ranking officers for his expertise and professionalism. He was nominated as a certified NATO evaluator for information security.

Anastasios’ interests include cybersecurity policy and governance, ICS security, encryption, and certificates management, exploring the human side of cybersecurity — the psychology of security, public education, organizational training programs, and the effect of biases (cultural, heuristic, and cognitive) in applying cybersecurity policies and integrating technology into learning. He is intrigued by new challenges, open-minded and flexible.

Currently, he works as a cybersecurity content writer for Bora Design and is a member of the nonprofit organization Homo Digitalis. 

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