Arjun Vishwanath

Arjun Vishwanath, Vice President of Analytics at Evalueserve

Arjun Vishwanath is the Vice President of Analytics at Evalueserve, where he leads dynamic teams in driving impactful insights across marketing, e-commerce, digital, and customer analytics. In this role, Arjun leverages his analytical expertise to spearhead innovative analytics solutioning, deliver measurable revenue and profit growth, and ensure operational excellence.  

Prior to Evalueserve, Arjun held senior positions at leading analytics firms, including senior engagement manager at LatentView Analytics and senior consultant roles at PricewaterHouse Coopers and Mu Sigma. He was named Evalueserve’s Solution Architect of the Year from 2018 to 2020, and again in 2023.  

Academically, Arjun holds a master of science in engineering management from Syracuse University. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he serves as an advisor for startups in the Seattle area and is an avid photographer.  

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