Heine Krog Iversen

Heine Krog Iversen, Founder and CEO, TimeXtender

Since founding the company in 2006, Heine Krog Iversen has been the chief executive responsible for transforming TimeXtender from a small startup to one of the fastest growing software companies in the world, growing TimeXtender to 3,300 customers across 95 countries.

Heine is driven by one core purpose: to empower every person in every organization with instant access to data, for any use case they might have, thus enabling them to achieve more by making superior business decisions with data, mind and heart.

He oversees strategic planning, global outreach, positioning and differentiation, and organizational growth. Heine has worked tirelessly to manage TimeXtender’s growth and to build the management systems needed to support a rapidly growing organization with new regional offices, staff, customers, sales channels, alliances and partnerships.

Heine has also played an instrumental role as an industry thought leader in helping to educate the market about becoming a data-driven organization, building bridges between business units and IT departments, offering the next generation of data automation for the future of BI and analytics.

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