Itamar Ben Hamo

Itamar Ben Hamo, CEO and Co-Founder, Rivery

Itamar Ben Hamo is co-founder and CEO at Rivery, a DataOps platform that streamlines data integration, transformation, and orchestration. A seasoned business executive, Ben Hamo was co-founder and CEO of Vision.BI, a leading data consulting firm acquired by Keyrus Group. At Keyrus, Ben Hamo was founder and group vice president for North America.

About Rivery

Rivery is a fully managed DataOps platform for all your organizational data. Businesses harness Rivery for data integration, data orchestration, data transformation, and everything else needed to conquer the modern data landscape. Automate, manage, and refine data, in a single platform, so it can be fed back to stakeholders as meaningful insights. 

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