Mike Finley

Mike Finley, CTO at AnswerRocket 

Mike Finley is the CTO of AnswerRocket. His work with AnswerRocket centers on discovering deep insights in business data with AI. His work in intelligent agent technology is built on a foundation of natural language processing, one of AnswerRocket’s core features. He focuses largely on the product – driving upgrades and delivering new functionalities to ensure customers can easily extract insights from their data.

Previously, Mike co-founded Qualia Labs, where he helped develop recognized innovations in the field of machine learning and big data. Before that, Mike built Radiant Systems and led the engineering, product marketing, and technical sales teams for massive retail transaction systems prior to acquisition by NCR, where he became CTO for SaaS systems, consumer products, and mobile development.

About AnswerRocket

Founded in 2013, AnswerRocket is a generative AI analytics platform for data exploration, analysis, and insights discovery. It allows enterprises to monitor key metrics, identify performance drivers, and detect critical issues within seconds. Users can chat with Max–an AI assistant for data analysis–to get narrative answers, insights, and visualizations on their proprietary data. Additionally, AnswerRocket empowers data science teams to operationalize their models throughout the enterprise. Companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Beam Suntory, Coty, EMC Insurance, Hi-Rez Studios, and National Beverage Corporation depend on AnswerRocket to increase their speed to insights. To learn more, visit www.answerrocket.com.

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