Nathanael Coffing

Nathanael Coffing, CSO and Co-Founder, Cloudentity

Nathanael Coffing, co-founder and CSO of Cloudentity, is also a board member. Nathanael has over 20 years of management and architecture experience across identity, security, microservices, and IT domains. Prior to founding Cloudentity, he founded and helped build numerous technology startups leveraging his experience at Sun, Oracle, Imperva, Washington Mutual, and Boeing.

About Cloudentity

Cloudentity provides the most flexible and scalable solution for modern application authorization and consent solutions to secure digital business across hybrid, multi-cloud, and microservices infrastructure. Delivered as an external declarative authorization service, the platform empowers developers to centrally manage fine-grained policy as code, orchestrate provisioning, assure privacy consent, and achieve continuous transaction-level enforcement at hyperscale. As a result, enterprises increase development velocity and service agility while mitigating privacy, API security, and compliance risks.

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