Saara Hyvönen

Saara Hyvönen, Co-Founder and Analytics Executive at DAIN Studios

Saara Hyvönen is one of the three Co-Founders of DAIN Studios. She has extensive experience in the area of Data and AI strategy development, identifying optimal data use cases and defining related requirements on data, architecture and compliance. From algorithms to AI ethics, she loves making data work by finding answers to the full range of what, why, and how questions.

Prior to Dain Studios, Saara worked at Sanoma, leading the customer analytics development area, at Nokia as the head of global CRM analytics and at Fonecta leading a team responsible for search, relevance, and automated content enrichment. Before stepping into the business world, Saara worked as a post-doctoral researcher in data science at the University of Helsinki, participating in multidisciplinary research projects ranging from dialectometry to atmospheric sciences as well as teaching advanced data analytics courses.

Saara has a PhD in mathematics and extensive experience in the application of data science in both academic and business environments. She was listed among the 100 brilliant women in AI Ethics 2021.

About DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios is a Finnish-German data and AI consultancy established in 2016. DAIN Studios’ services are designed to answer the fundamental challenges companies are facing during their transformation to a data-driven organization. From strategy to implementation, from optimizing operations to creating new growth, the DAIN Studios team supports companies throughout their journey. Rated as “one of the five best AI consultancies” in the country, by Technology Industries of Finland, DAIN Studios continues to empower businesses from their very first data journey to excelling at Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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