Samuel Bocetta

Samuel Bocetta, Security Analyst, Big Bocetta Security 

A former defense contractor for the US Navy, Sam Bocetta turned to freelance journalism in retirement, focusing his writing on US diplomacy and national security, as well as technology trends in cyberwarfare, cyberdefense, and cryptography.

Much of his career focus was spent penetration testing ballistics computer systems for a variety of spacecraft, aircraft, and some marine vessels. The cat-and-mouse game of finding security vulnerabilities and figuring out how to strengthen/eradicate them remains a fascination that Sam explores via the written word these days.

After more than three decades – but less than four, he’s quick to point out – Sam decided to rein in his globetrotting ways and spend more time with the grandkids.

When not writing articles, Sam Bocetta can be found in his “study” (actually a converted space above the garage) working on his first book – an exploration of how to democratize personal privacy solutions for the broader public – which is due to be published in 2019.

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