Steve Zagoudis

Steve Zagoudis, Founder, MetaGovernance Inc.

Steve Zagoudis is a governance architect and a leading authority on Data Governance, Information Governance and Data Risk Management systems and strategies. He is founder and CEO of MetaGovernance, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) consulting firm. A veteran to advising multi-national corporations and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Steve is passionate about helping organizations solve their critical data challenges.

Steve’s extensive background in business operations, IT, and Information Governance includes directing projects at Standard Oil, BP Worldwide, Sequent, IBM, Goldman-Sachs, and the Federal Home Loan Banks.

Steve is a strong advocate of governance controls in the world of structured and unstructured big data. Today’s regulatory environment is especially harsh for organizations that rely heavily on spreadsheets, end-user computing, and manual data reconciliations for financial disclosure. For over 25 years he has helped clients across multiple industries improve their data accuracy and integrity while reducing operational, compliance, and reputational risk.

Steve is an avid speaker and blogger in the areas of Lean GovernanceTM and overall data integrity solutions. He is actively involved with nonprofit organizations such as the Data Governance Professionals Organization and the Private Directors Association.

About MetaGovernance Inc.

MetaGovernance’s mission is to deliver a framework for accuracy, integrity, and availability of information to enable organizations to effectively leverage their information assets to achieve business innovation and regulatory compliance in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

The firm’s Lean GovernanceTM is based on the successes of Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing that revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Our Managed Governance Services leverages our methodology and patented software platform that can provide permanent solutions to ongoing organizational waste and risk across the corporate Data Factory. 

The team is composed of practitioners with a passion for solving complex information management problems. They have implemented successful governance programs in a variety of industries, including GSEs, Finance, Entertainment, Capital Markets, Energy, Government, Healthcare, and Telecommunications. Based in Atlanta, we have satellite offices throughout the U.S. and a national client base.

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