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DATAVERSITY® is a provider of high quality educational resources for business and information technology professionals on the uses and management of data. Our worldwide community of practitioners, experts, and developers participate in, and benefit from hosted conferences, articles and blogs, as well as live webinars, certification, daily news reports, and more. Active members enjoy access to presentations, research, and training materials.


The DATAVERSITY mission is to provide the single best source of education for anyone working with data in their professional life.  If you need to learn how to implement and/or manage a data-driven business solution, we want you to be able to find the answers at DATAVERSITY.


DATAVERSITY is an online educational portal focused on the topic of data management.  In addition to online resources, we conduct educational face-to-face conferences including:


DATAVERSITY Education, LLC offers both online and face-to-face opportunities for learning about data.   The organization is privately held and based in Studio City, California (a suburb of Los Angeles). Key individuals include:

Tony Shaw, Founder and CEO

Tony is the Founder and CEO of DATAVERSITY Education, LLC. He is responsible for the business strategy of the company and its subsidiaries including DATAVERSITY.net, Semanticweb.com, and Wilshire Conferences, all of which conduct educational conferences, training, and publishing activities focused on the area of enterprise data management. Prior to founding DATAVERSITY, he also started a dotcom in the identity management space called BigID (which went the way of most dotcoms), and was the president of Technology Transfer Institute (TTI). He still facilitates TTI’s strategic technology forum for CTOs, called TTI/Vanguard.

Shannon Kempe, Executive Editor

Shannon Kempe has 20+ years of management and leadership experience. Her qualifications include Business Manager, Product Manager, Telecom Analyst and Department Manager at the corporate level for such companies as Microsoft and Nordstrom, Inc. She specializes in the implementation of business solutions and communication strategies to help companies achieve aggressive goals, with extensive expertise in budget planning, HR policy and procedure, knowledge sharing and inventory management to name just a few.