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Chief Architect at ITS, Inc., Yefim (Jeff) Zhuk, worked as Director of Enterprise Architecture at Sallie Mae, consulted Boeing and other corporate and government agencies in SOA and knowledge engineering, shared his expertise at Java One, Semantic Tech, and Boeing Conferences. In his books, patents and publications Yefim described a new field of Integrated Software and Knowledge Engineering. The methods and prototypes described him as Business Architecture Sandbox for Enterprise (BASE) and Conversational Semantic Decision Support place new technology seeds in the current business ground, helping transitioning to rule-based applications and Semantic Cloud Architecture.



Integration-Ready Architecture and Design, Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk, Cambridge University Press, A book on Software and Knowledge Engineering, Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk, A book on transitioning to Semantic Cloud Architecture


Distributed Active Knowledge and Process, Y. Zhuk/Yahoo, Collaborative data and services,

Knowledge-Driven Architecture, Yefim Zhuk, Streamlining development and driving applications with business rules & scenarios, US Patent,

Adaptive Robot System with Knowledge-Driven Architecture, Yefim Zhuk, On-the-fly translations of situational requirements into adaptive robot skills, US Patent,

Rules Collector, Yefim Zhuk/Boeing, US Patent, The system transforming “tribal knowledge” to rules and rule-based applications,

Conversational Service Knowledge Map, Allows developers and subject matter experts (SME) describe, find, negotiate, assemble and execute software services, US Patent pending, Yefim Zhuk,

 Collaborative security and decision making in service-oriented environment, (US and European Countries) Yefim Zhuk/Boeing, US8863234, Collaboration of multiple services and SMEs while processing many informational streams to optimize a strategy and making collaborative decisions achieving one or more goals,

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