Enterprise Storage: Plugging a Hole in Corporate Cybersecurity Strategies

Chief information security officers (CISOs), along with their staff, typically do not think about enterprise storage. The vast majority say that they think about edge protection, network protection, application protection, and the threat of data theft. They are rightfully interested in trusted execution technology, considering zero-trust architectures for infrastructure assurance and assessments for root of […]

Cyber Detection: A Must-Have in Primary Storage

Enterprise storage is a critical component of a comprehensive corporate cybersecurity strategy. If an enterprise does not include cyber storage resilience in their measures to secure their enterprise IT infrastructure, it’s the equivalent of going on vacation and leaving the back door and back windows of your house open, so you have made it easier for criminals […]

The Future of Enterprise Data Infrastructure − Autonomous Automation

The enterprise storage estate is one of the areas where organizations can easily automate and substantially reduce costs without sacrificing application performance, availability, or cyber resilience. Automation involves the simplification of the data center infrastructure by consolidating the storage environment. However, it’s not enough to only have a solution that automates; it is important to have […]

When Data and IT Infrastructure Are Overly Complex

As efforts to simplify IT infrastructure through automation are ongoing, the action to pinpoint where complexity resides is key. Data complexity not only complicates the user experience but also wreaks havoc in the backend for administrators and IT decision-makers.  As the world of data has grown exponentially and transcended the borders of enterprises, the management of data […]

5 Data Storage Trends to Expect in 2022

What does 2022 hold for the data storage industry? Signs of what is to come have been emerging. The following are five predictions about the data storage market, grounded in understanding the direction where the market is going. They involve AI, cyber resilience, supercharged application, workload performance and availability, and reduction of OPEX and CAPEX.  […]