The Data Governance Imperative for Retailers

Click to learn more about author Hamaad Chippa. The best retailers excel at merchandising. At top physical and eCommerce stores, products are smartly organized, attractively arranged, and colorfully promoted so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Done right, merchandising guides the shopping experience, drives revenue, and elevates customer satisfaction. Suppose retailers could […]

Why Retailers Must Prep Their Data for a Successful Holiday Season

Click to learn more about author Hamaad Chippa. With “Back 2 School” season over, retailers are now focused squarely on the crucial holiday shopping season. This includes planning and developing products influenced by customer demand, aligning important suppliers, capacity planning at warehouse and distribution centers, prepping traditional and digital sales channels, and developing key marketing […]

How Mastery of Data Collection and Analysis Contributes to the Success of Amazon Prime Day

Click to learn more about video blogger Hamaad Chippa. Amazon just completed its third-annual Amazon Prime Day (APD), a 30-hour online shopping extravaganza that offers deep discounts on popular items until quantities run out. What started as a celebration to commemorate Amazon’s 20th anniversary has quickly become a popular on-line shopping appointment, much like Cyber Monday. According to a […]