Laura Madsen

Laura Madsen, CEO and SVP Data Strategy, Moxy Analytics

Laura Madsen isn’t shy about her dislike for formal bios; to her they tend to come across as stuffy and disingenuous — two things Laura is absolutely not. That said, she’d be selling herself short if you knew nothing of her wealth of experience from 20-plus years in data and analytics, authoring books on Data Governance and healthcare analytics, impassioned speeches about innovation, Data Governance, and the value of data in healthcare. But what’s really important to know is that Laura spends her days helping you build programs that align with the aspirational vision of today’s modern companies with the less-than-glamorous work of Data Management. She’s a life-long learner and champion for intentional inclusion, and gender equity matters through organizations like Sistech and She Talks Data.

About Moxy Analytics

Laura co-founded the Minneapolis-based consulting firm Moxy Analytics to converge two of her biggest passions: helping companies define and execute successful data strategies and radically challenging the status quo. Laura lives in Minnesota with her husband, son, and fur-baby.

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