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As we wrap up 2018 and prepare ourselves for 2019, it’s time to take a moment to review and reflect. And while in review, we take the opportunity to look at the content published, produced, and consumed over the last year.

In looking at the top 20 published articles and blogs of the year, Machine Learning has dropped from #1 to #3 since last year as more and more organizations grasp and have implemented the concept. Overall we’re seeing a more rounded interest from Database to Analytics instead of one side or the other dominating the list. We’re continuing to see a revised interest and focus in long-time basics such as Metadata and Master Data as well as the continued interest in the new technologies. We also saw a lot of interest in our “versus” article series… more to come there.

And it was a little over a year ago, we started our “What is…?” posts. Though we did not consider them for inclusion into in our Top 20, we’re seeing great interest and hope they continue to prove useful to the community.

So, without further ado, here’s the top content for 2018…

Top 20 Articles and Blogs:

Top 10 Webinars:

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