Top Five U.S. Bank Finds New Value from Metadata Applications

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According to a new release out of the company, “ASG Software Solutions today announced that a top five U.S. Bank has chosen its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite to optimize business value for its diverse financial application portfolio. Since working with ASG, the Bank has increased its efficiency by 80-times over manual data lineage and analysis processes, reduced data lineage costs by 80 percent and ensured that it was able to demonstrate compliance with TARP and Basel II requirements.”

The article continues, “After the financial crisis and changing economic landscape of 2007 – 2008, the Bank needed a better way to ensure data quality, accountability and governance of its data from end-to-end, along the entire data stream, to avoid making any regulatory errors. It sought a solution that would support regulatory compliance, automate data forensics and allow for an end-to-end view of its application assets, from mainframes to distributed technologies. ASG’s EIM solution not only met these requirements, enabling visibility into all data assets, but it also increased the efficiency of the Bank’s manual data lineage and analysis processes. This deep analysis along entire data streams and applications enabled the Bank to align information management efforts, and understand how its data was being used by business and IT. As a result, the Bank could make more informed business decisions, allowing it to be more competitive.”

The article adds, “To download the full case study, follow this link to “Top Five US Bank Finds New Value from Metadata Application: A Case Study” on the Dataversity website.   And, to learn more about ASG’s EIM suite, click here.”

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