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Semantic Web Programming


The next major advance in the Web, Web 3.0, will be built on semantic Web technologies, which will allow data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. Written by a team of highly experienced Web developers, this book explains how this powerful new technology can unify and fully leverage the ever-growing data, information, and services that are available on the Internet.

Semantic Web For Dummies


Semantic Web technology is already changing how we interact with data on the Web. By connecting random information on the Internet in new ways, Web 3.0, as it is sometimes called, represents an exciting online evolution.

Whether you’re a consumer doing research online, a business owner who wants to offer your customers the most useful Web site, or an IT manager eager to understand Semantic Web solutions, Semantic Web For Dummies is the place to start!

Semantic Universe Network Goes Live! The New Focal Point for Semantic Technology Professionals

Semantic Universe and Cerebra today announced the launch of the "Semantic Universe Network", a vibrant educational and networking hub for the global semantic technology marketplace. Semantic Universe Network will be the educational and information resource for the people and companies within the high-growth semantics sector, covering the latest news, opinions, events, announcements, products, solutions, promotions and research in the industry.

Mobile Semantics


Brian Pleet is the classic business professional.  He runs a small Canadian sales consultancy business called the Strategico Marketing Group.  Brian’s lifeblood is being able to accurately bill his clients for his time and costs and to manage the time he spends on each project.  Brian is well organized; his emails and documents are all nicely filed by category, his favourite online content is bookmarked, and his contact database can be sorted by type of contact, location, etc.  It could be argued that he is a real-life proponent of semantics.  However Brian spends a lot of his time on the road, and this is where his system lets him down.  Unlike his desktop world, his mobile world is represented by a wireless phone bill that is page after page of numbers, and an inability to categorize the time that he is spending on his clients while he is out and about or working on his mobile phone.

Semantic Data Integration for the Enterprise – Oracle Semantic Technologies


The Semantic Web vision of the World Wide Web Consortium is to extend the current Web, so that “information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.”1  This is important, as the mix of content on the web and in applications built using web architectures is shifting from exclusively human-oriented content to computer-mediated content.