Location Analytics: Improving User Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention

Click to learn more about author Aditi Sinha. “Location” is critical for app-based delivery, logistics, and mobility companies. Who is this for? An app-based delivery company delivers whatever users order through their app right at the user’s location, anytime. On-demand companies, such as food delivery companies, supply chain companies like e-commerce businesses, hyperlocal delivery companies, […]

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a type of Machine Learning, using neural networks to grasp complex patterns. This type of technology allows Artificial Intelligence systems to perform human like tasks, “such as recognizing real-life objects or understanding speech.” While the operation of these brain-inspired networks remains inscrutable, their interconnected layers algorithms give machines the ability to be […]

Guided Labeling Episode 2: Label Density

Click to learn more about author Paolo Tamagnini. The Guided Labeling series of blog posts began by looking at when labeling is needed — i.e., in the field of machine learning when most algorithms and models require huge amounts of data with quite a few specific requirements. These large masses of data need to be […]

Productizing IT Services for Data Management Projects

Click to learn more about author Digvijay Lamba. Many organizations overcome a lack of data engineers by outsourcing their Data Management needs to IT service providers. Startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and even larger organizations are rich in domain expertise but inexperienced in preparing data for insights, which is why they hire outsiders to perform […]

Advances in Data Architecture

The continuous growth of data has led to large corporations investing heavily in technologies around large data volumes, allowing them to gain useful business intelligence that was unavailable to their smaller competitors. The evolution of public clouds has made big data technologies accessible to small businesses and startups. By using new advances in Data Architecture, […]

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