The Growing Importance of AI Governance

New technologies often engender fear and foreboding among people outside tech industries. The latest example of this trend is artificial intelligence (AI), which is a topic of much concern and misunderstanding among the public. It’s easy to dismiss these qualms as the common human tendency to mistrust the unknown. However, much of the alarm about AI […]

Kyndi Introduces Latest Version of Its Generative AI Answer Engine

According to a new press release, Kyndi has launched Kyndi 6.0, the latest version of its Generative AI Answer Engine, designed to enhance knowledge management and AI transparency for enterprises. The release, available immediately, introduces innovative features that aim to streamline content and knowledge management processes. These features expand the use cases of generative AI […]

Kinetica Launches Native Large Language Model

According to a new press release, Kinetica, a leader in real-time analytics, has unveiled a native large language model (LLM) integrated with its innovative architecture, enabling users to perform real-time, natural language-based data analysis without the need for external API calls. Unlike public LLMs, Kinetica’s solution prioritizes data privacy and security by keeping data within […]

Sep 14 ADV Webinar: Organizational Change Management: Will It Hold Back Artificial Intelligence Deployments?

  Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar The disparity between expecting change and managing it – the “change gap” – is growing at an unprecedented pace due largely to artificial intelligence. Investments in artificial intelligence will only pay off if paired with organizational change management. Managing this transformation is […]

Large Language Models: The New Era of AI and NLP

Artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years, with one of its most notable achievements being the development of large language models (LLMs). These models have revolutionized the field of natural language processing (NLP), enabling machines to understand and generate human-like text at an unprecedented scale. LLMs are sophisticated AI systems trained on large text […]

Fundamentals of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation describes a mixture of advanced technologies – robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning – currently being used to make automated processes drastically more efficient and to augment humans. It encompasses a range of tools which can be automated, especially the more sophisticated aspects of automation, including analysis, discovery, design, measuring, monitoring, and reassessing. To function […]