Women in Data: Meet BetterAI Co-Founder Angel Vossough

The latest installment in our Q&A series with women leaders in data features Angel Vossough, CEO and co-founder of BetterAI. (Read our previous Q&A here.)  Angel Vossough spent over a decade working as a network engineer before she founded her first startup, a data-driven company that helped women professionals excel in their careers. During COVID-19, Vossough […]

Data Retention Policies Must Evolve to Address Emerging Technologies and Data Growth

The emergence of new technologies, including AI, IoT, and blockchain, in addition to the widespread embrace of digital transformation, has driven a dramatic increase in data. The reliance on data analytics to drive data-driven decision-making also requires large volumes of data for meaningful insights. While AI and generative AI (GenAI) tools and systems contribute to […]

Data Ethics 101

The term “data ethics” refers to a set of guidelines that ensure data collection, use, and management processes respect privacy and security while safeguarding fairness. This includes considering the implications of data collection methods, the transparency of algorithms used to process information, and how decisions based on data analysis might affect individuals and communities.  What […]

Knowledge Graphs: Context, Compliance, and Connections

“Graph is leaving a larger and larger footprint. And that is good,” said Thomas Frisendal in Knowledge Graphs and Data Modeling. Gartner named knowledge graphs as part of an emerging trend toward digital ecosystems, showing relationships among enterprises, people, and things, and enabling seamless, dynamic connections across geographies and industries. Elisa Kendall and Deborah McGuinness, […]

Alation Announces Enhanced Integration with Snowflake to Improve Data Quality for GenAI

According to a new press release, Alation has announced an enhanced integration with Snowflake Horizon, aimed at improving data quality and providing AI-ready data for organizations. The integration involves Alation’s Open Data Quality Framework, which now supports Snowflake Horizon, allowing businesses to proactively detect and address data quality issues before they affect operations. This collaboration […]

Navigating Data Readiness for Generative AI

Just about everyone in tech agrees that generative AI is poised to hit the business world like a tidal wave. There’s less agreement about when the transformation will occur, and how generative AI will be harnessed to boost profitability. A survey of chief data officers conducted in the second half of 2023 by Amazon Web Services (AWS) found that […]

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Responsible AI Integration

In late 2023, significant attention was given to building artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict post-surgery complications, surgical risk models, and recovery pathways for patients with surgical needs. This naturally elevated the appropriate debate of whether using AI in this manner would result in hospitals and providers prioritizing revenue from automation over excellence in patient […]