How to Make the Jump to AI

AI and machine learning models are being used to help companies stay competitive by discovering new revenue opportunities, improving risk management, detecting fraud, and streamlining business processes. But years ago, data science wasn’t even on the curriculum at universities, so many software engineers are acquiring the necessary skills on their own.   From my experience, anyone who […]

How AI Is Driving Data Speeds in Data Centers

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have opened up major opportunities and improvements for data processing and analytics. Unfazed and even spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, complex AI systems saw explosive demand to enable advances in data management, health care, knowledge graphs, and data science. This has led organizations to increase their AI and machine learning budgets by 83% since […]

Real-Time Data in Machine Learning: Challenges and Solutions

In today’s dynamic global marketplace, events outside of our control are constantly making the data we’ve collected erroneous and outdated. There are instances in which real-time decision-making isn’t particularly critical (such as demand forecasting, customer segmentation, and multi-touch attribution). In those cases, relying on batch data might be preferable. However, when you need real-time automated […]

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation: Use Cases and Challenges

Blockchain provides a functional and efficient tool for recording business transactions, contractual agreements, and private records. A blockchain can be described as an encrypted digital recording of transactions that is duplicated and distributed to computers that are part of the blockchain network. This form of communicating and sharing recorded data is extremely difficult to hack […]

Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning solutions can be considered a subdivision of artificial intelligence, with multiple machine learning algorithms combined to create artificial intelligence. Some of these algorithms can, however, be used to accomplish specific, limited tasks, ranging from answering phones to recognizing images.  Machine learning (ML) solutions are normally used in situations requiring adaptability, a limited variety of […]

Fundamentals of AI Ethics

In the world of enterprise technology, AI is a fast-growing sector, with no end in sight. A recent survey by PwC found that 86% of executives expected AI to soon become mainstream in their organization. Data-driven businesses want to reap the benefits of AI implementation, including better customer relationships, more efficient business processes, and valuable marketing data. […]

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