Streaming Analytics: The Value is in the Action

“When we’re talking about streaming analytics, we’re talking about flipping our traditional paradigm a little bit and thinking about how we bring analytics to our data, and not necessarily data to our analytics,” said Kimberly Nevala, the Director of Business Strategies for SAS Best Practices, while discussing streaming analytics during the DATAVERSITY® Enterprise Analytics Online […]

Guided Labeling Episode 5: Blending Knowledge with Weak Supervision

Click to learn more about author Paolo Tamagnini. Welcome to the fifth episode of our Guided Labeling Blog Series.In the last four episodes, we introduced Active Learning and a practical example with body mass index data, which shows how to perform active learning sampling via the technique “exploration vs exploitation”. This technique employs label density and model uncertainty […]

What Is Augmented Data Preparation and Why Is It Important?

Click to learn more about author Kartik Patel. The average business user does not have a full grasp of advanced data discovery or data preparation methods, and most organizations would not want business users to waste precious time trying to navigate the complexities of a manual data preparation process. If a business provides a solid foundation for self-serve business intelligence […]

Automation and AI: Challenges and Opportunities

Businesses across the globe are fascinated with the idea of AI and automation because this advanced technology promises operational efficiency, enhanced processes, and substantial cost savings. However, AI and its allied technologies have also created uncertainties, confusion, and doubts about the human capability for adopting, deploying, and executing these magical systems in actual business situations […]

How AI Is Revolutionizing Social Visibility

Click to learn more about author Ashok Sharma. Artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize the social visibility of brands, making way for a very inclusive approach towards online marketing. Today, the power of digital marketing and artificial intelligence go hand in hand. Artifical intelligence (AI) in digital marketing is useful in gathering data from all […]

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