RWDG Webinar: How Generative AI and LLMs Shape Data Governance 

Download the slides here>> About the Webinar Dive into the cutting-edge world of Data Governance by spending this hour focused on the impact generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are having, and will have, on Data Governance implementations. However, this addresses only one side of the relationship.   In this webinar, Bob Seiner will […]

Driving Data Governance: The Role of Data Strategy and Data Literacy Programs

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face increasing pressure to manage and govern their data assets effectively. Data governance plays a crucial role in ensuring that data is managed responsibly, securely, and in accordance with regulatory requirements. One key component and driver of successful data governance is the implementation of a robust data strategy coupled with […]

Data-Ed Webinar: The Core Concepts of Data Ethics

Download the slides here>> About the Webinar Ninety percent, or more, of organizational data challenges, are people and process – not technology challenges! Strengthening our focus on non-technology aspects of Data Governance will be seen as crucial. A conscious effort to spend at least as much time on ethics as technology is a good place […]

Adaptive Data Governance: What, Why, How

In DATAVERSITY’s 2023 Trends in Data Management survey, about 64% of participants stated that their companies had Data Governance (DG), the formalization and enforcement of data operations across the company, in the initial stages. Yet, 60.9% listed data silos as the greatest Data Management challenge. If DG is supposed to break down data silos for better insights while ensuring compliance […]

Understanding the Modern Data Stack

The modern data stack is a collection of tools used to collect, store, and analyze data. Understanding the components of a modern data stack is crucial in grasping how contemporary data ecosystems function. At its core, data engineering plays a pivotal role by focusing on the practical application of data collection, storage, and retrieval. This discipline ensures […]

MDM vs. CDP: Which Does Your Organization Need?

Most, if not all, organizations need help utilizing the data collected from various sources efficiently, thanks to the ever-evolving enterprise data management landscape. Often, the reasons include: 1) Data is collected and stored in siloed systems; 2) Different verticals or departments own different types of data; 3) Inconsistent data quality across the organization. Implementing a central […]