The Impact of Data Silos (and How to Prevent Them)

Data silos often develop unintentionally within businesses, catching leaders by surprise. They hinder cross-departmental collaboration while giving rise to inconsistent data quality, communication gaps, reduced visibility, and increased expenses. The gravity of impact can be gauged from a report by Forrester research, which finds that knowledge workers spend an average of 12 hours a week “chasing data.” […]

Protecting Your Data: 5 IAM Trends to Watch

In our increasingly digital world, organizations recognize the importance of securing their data. As cloud-based technologies proliferate, the need for a robust identity and access management (IAM) strategy is more critical than ever. IAM serves as the gatekeeper to an organization’s sensitive information, ensuring that only authorized individuals have an appropriate level of access. With […]

Ataccama Accelerates Data Quality Development for Enterprises with Latest Version of Platform

According to a new press release, Ataccama has introduced Ataccama ONE v15, the latest version of its AI-powered data management platform, designed to help enterprises establish a high-quality data environment. The platform addresses the challenges of data chaos, enabling users to extract reliable insights for various business initiatives. The new version emphasizes the importance of […]

Semarchy Demo: Empowering Collaborative Data Intelligence With Semarchy xDM’s Data Platform

Download the slides here>> With the new Data Intelligence module in xDM’s Data Platform, everyone can fully understand and leverage data assets to deliver business value. This single solution combines data governance, profiling, catalog, lineage and quality capabilities with an active metadata foundation – enabling end-to-end visibility and linkage from strategy to data. Semarchy’s Data […]

Collibra Demo: Take Control of Your Data Landscape With Collibra Data Catalog and Data Governance

Download the slides here>> Nearly any enterprise today can understand the immense value data brings to their organization. However, there is a difference between data and data that is trusted and usable.  The bottom line: data that isn’t understood or trusted is useless.  Join Bobbi Caggianelli, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, at Collibra, to see how […]

Precisely Demo: A Business-first Approach – Data Governance That Serves All Teams 

Download the slides here>> Data Governance is essential to ensuring companies are leading with data-driven decisions. Explore Precisely’s Data Governance solutions that leverage integrated capabilities to unite business owners, data stewards, data analysts, and data engineers, fostering a collaborative and wholistic view open to tackle today’s business challenges. Explore a demo with Precisely Data Integrity […]

Informatica Demo: Modern Data & AI Governance – How to Improve Business Results Through Automation and AI 

Download the slides here>> Half of enterprises are digital businesses and over half of data leaders list data governance as their number one priority. This isn’t a surprise given the following requires a modern approach to scale meeting risk and compliance standards, responsible AI and data sharing to improve literacy, and maintaining high-quality pipelines with […]

Common Master Data Management (MDM) Pitfalls

Leaders need to trust data within the organization to make sound business decisions. So, many turn to master data management (MDM), a solution to get and keep uniform and accurate data that increases business value. Yet, according to Gartner, 75% of all MDM programs across organizations fail to meet business objectives. Moreover, this trend has worsened since 2015, […]

AI Governance Best Practices

AI governance is meant to promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence for the betterment of humankind. Artificial intelligence has proven itself quite useful in completing a large variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, it can also be used to support criminal behavior or to create and distribute misinformation. AI governance is an effort […]