Change Management Skills for Data Leaders

Change management skills have never been more crucial, given the ever-evolving business landscape. At the heart of effective leadership lies the ability to navigate through change, not only by adapting oneself but also by guiding teams and organizations toward successful transformation. The role of a leader transcends mere operational adjustments; it encompasses inspiring and motivating others […]

What Is Data Literacy and Why Does It Matter?

An international survey by technology company Accenture in 2020 found that 75% of C-suite executives believe that all or most of their employees are proficient at working with data. However, only 50% of middle managers felt the same way. And what about the employees themselves? Only 25% felt that they were fully prepared to use data effectively, […]

Data Privacy Through Robust Data Governance: Strategies and Best Practices

Today, more than ever, people are concerned about data privacy. Reflecting this, countries all over the world have introduced privacy laws – GDPR and CCPA being the biggest examples. These laws govern how businesses should collect, manage, and maintain data. This has prompted businesses to reevaluate their data collection operations. But to keep data private and secure businesses […]

Driving Data Governance: The Role of Data Strategy and Data Literacy Programs

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face increasing pressure to manage and govern their data assets effectively. Data governance plays a crucial role in ensuring that data is managed responsibly, securely, and in accordance with regulatory requirements. One key component and driver of successful data governance is the implementation of a robust data strategy coupled with […]

How to Assess GenAI’s Impact on Your Business

Since the beginning of 2023, generative AI (GenAI) has quickly made a significant impact across an expanding range of industries and applications. In just over a year since its groundbreaking debut, there’s much to celebrate about GenAI – and even more to still uncover and understand. Today, 79% of employees report at least some exposure to AI, […]