Press Release: DATAVERSITY Acquires The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN)

September 18, 2023 – DATAVERSITY announced today it has completed its acquisition of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN). Established in 1997 by Robert S. Seiner, TDAN is an internet-based publication focused on providing educational resources, best practices, and techniques associated with the management of data and information. “I’m delighted we could complete this transfer, as DATAVERSITY is […]

Self-Service Data Without Chaos

Information is power, and the ability to put information into the hands of those who can quickly act on it separates the leaders from the laggards in any market. Everyone in an organization – from HR professionals leveraging data to dictate hiring decisions to brand managers leveraging data for pricing optimization – benefits from analytics. […]

Core Data Concepts for Digital Transformation

Without a clear understanding of core data concepts, communications around implementing an organizational Data Management initiative can become a muddle. As different teams come together to plan and organize data activities, they must integrate what they mean about data with any technologies. For example, take the term “Data Governance.” Data engineers building systems and tools to enable […]

Data Literacy 101

From social media to online shopping, data is generated and collected at an unprecedented rate. In the current data-powered society, it is crucial to be able to understand and interpret all types of data. Data literacy – the ability to read, analyze, and communicate with data – is crucial to use the power of data. […]

How Data Governance and Data Literacy Overlap

In today’s tech-driven world, with 120 zettabytes generated annually, most of us already use data – and lots of it. “Everyone who reads a paper or scrolls through the Internet is already acquainted with data,” said Wendy Lynch, founder of and Lynch Consulting, in a recent Elevating Enterprise Data Literacy webinar. “We depend on data, compare data, react to data, […]