Ask a Data Ethicist: What Is Data Sovereignty?

Recently, my DATAVERSITY colleague Mark Horseman shared that he’d been getting a lot more questions about Indigenous data sovereignty. We both agreed it would make a great topic for this month’s column.  What is Indigenous data sovereignty, why does it matter, and how can we learn more about it?  To answer these questions, it helps […]

What Is Data Literacy and Why Does It Matter?

An international survey by technology company Accenture in 2020 found that 75% of C-suite executives believe that all or most of their employees are proficient at working with data. However, only 50% of middle managers felt the same way. And what about the employees themselves? Only 25% felt that they were fully prepared to use data effectively, […]

Navigating Data Readiness for Generative AI

Just about everyone in tech agrees that generative AI is poised to hit the business world like a tidal wave. There’s less agreement about when the transformation will occur, and how generative AI will be harnessed to boost profitability. A survey of chief data officers conducted in the second half of 2023 by Amazon Web Services (AWS) found that […]

What Is a Graph Database? Definition, Types, Uses

A graph database (GDB) models data as a combination of nodes (vertices) and edges (relationships) with equal importance. Businesspeople query these structures to reveal patterns and insights within the data and their associations. These would be difficult to discern from other data visualizations, such as tables, charts, and documents. Since humans naturally think by associating one concept with another, people […]

Building AI Literacy in Your Organization

AI applications are used across industry sectors – in business data analysis, healthcare, finance, and even in personalized learning experiences. However, the concept of “AI literacy” goes beyond a mere understanding of AI technologies. It’s about critical thinking and interpreting the world around us through AI technologies. It’s about understanding how AI systems work and being capable of evaluating […]

Driving Data Governance: The Role of Data Strategy and Data Literacy Programs

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face increasing pressure to manage and govern their data assets effectively. Data governance plays a crucial role in ensuring that data is managed responsibly, securely, and in accordance with regulatory requirements. One key component and driver of successful data governance is the implementation of a robust data strategy coupled with […]