Achieving Smoother, Quicker Data Modeling

When the Navy SEALS embraced its motto, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,” they may as well have been discussing building data models in the same breath. The SEALS chose the phrase to remind its participants not to rush but to act thoughtfully and deliberately. Data Modeling does the same thing by helping businesses design and update data architectures […]

Database Management Best Practices

Database management best practices promote the efficient use of data throughout the organization. These practices support the collection and storage of quality data, as well as provide easy access to the data by the appropriate people. With today’s data growing in volume and becoming increasingly complex, the intelligent management of data has become a necessity.  […]

How to Select the Right Database

In today’s data-driven world, technologies are changing very rapidly, and databases are no exception to this. The current database market offers hundreds of databases, all of them varying in data models, usage, performance, concurrency, scalability, security, and the amount of supplier support provided.  Choosing a database is a different class of challenge. Selecting the right […]

What to Expect from Open-Source Data Infrastructure in 2023

Open-source technologies will become even more prominent within enterprises’ data architecture over the coming year, driven by the stark budgetary advantages combined with some of the newest enterprise-friendly capabilities added to several solutions. Here are three predictions for the open-source data infrastructure space in 2023: 1. Economic headwinds will make open-source data technologies even more attractive to […]

Database Management 101

An important tool for organizations to ensure their data is stored, validated, and protected is database management. It is used to develop and deploy processes that end users are comfortable with. They can feel confident that the data is easy to work with, reliable, and accessible. It is important to make sure your organization’s data is […]

Will 2023 Be the Year of the Polyglot Persistence?

Meet polyglot persistence.  It’s not a new term, but one that’s catching fire in what many call the unsexiest part of Data Management – Database Management. It also ties to the physical part of Data Management, which is storage management, often overlooked by data teams.  Storage management and database management/administration indeed used to be a separate […]

What to Expect in 2023: AI and Graph Technology

2023 will bring exciting advances in AI and graph technology. One of the most compelling innovations will be the ability for quantum programs to be turned into graphs and vice versa. Natural language understanding will become part of AI models. The adoption of standards-based semantic layers will spike as they enable data selection through business terms. Graph […]

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