Data Operations and DataOps: Not One and the Same

Click to learn more about author John Pocknell. In today’s competitive enterprise landscape, having a proper DataOps strategy in place correlates with better data intelligence and optimization within an organization – breaking down silos and enabling data democratization and better business agility at scale. But DataOps as a methodology is not to be confused with data operations, which […]

How Much Should Enterprises Worry About Vendor Lock-In in Public Cloud?

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. One of the key drivers to a multi-cloud strategy is the fear of vendor lock-in. “Vendor lock-in” means that a customer is dependent on a particular vendor for products and services, and is unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs or operational impact. The vendor lock-in problem in cloud computing is the […]

A Brief History of Data Silos

The original purpose of a data silo was to keep secrets. People have been keeping secrets for a long, long time. Prior to the written word, keeping a secret meant not sharing specific information with anyone else, verbally. And then came the written word. Secrets could be shared accidentally, or even stolen. Life became more […]

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