Empowering Power BI with the Semantic Layer

Today’s organizations widely acknowledge the significance of leveraging data and analytics. Virtually every executive envisions establishing a data-driven organization. However, a survey conducted by New Vantage Partners reveals that only a mere 26.5% of companies have effectively achieved this transformative goal. Part of the problem lies in the ineffective collaboration between business and technology teams.  In the […]

MongoDB Launches Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive Initiative

According to a new press release, MongoDB has launched MongoDB Atlas for Manufacturing and Automotive, an initiative aimed at assisting organizations in harnessing real-time data and connected technologies. It is designed to help businesses optimize processes and enhance user experiences with intelligent, connected technology. As the manufacturing and automotive industries undergo a transformation driven by […]

Data Engineer vs. Data Analyst

In today’s data-driven world, two data professional roles that play crucial roles are data engineers and data analysts. Both these professionals aid the process of extracting data-driven insights, but they possess distinct skill sets and responsibilities. Below are some key facts about educational backgrounds and job roles of the data engineer vs. data analyst, as well as the […]

Kinetica Launches Native Large Language Model

According to a new press release, Kinetica, a leader in real-time analytics, has unveiled a native large language model (LLM) integrated with its innovative architecture, enabling users to perform real-time, natural language-based data analysis without the need for external API calls. Unlike public LLMs, Kinetica’s solution prioritizes data privacy and security by keeping data within […]

Sep 14 ADV Webinar: Organizational Change Management: Will It Hold Back Artificial Intelligence Deployments?

  Download the slides here>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar The disparity between expecting change and managing it – the “change gap” – is growing at an unprecedented pace due largely to artificial intelligence. Investments in artificial intelligence will only pay off if paired with organizational change management. Managing this transformation is […]

Introducing the Data Analytics Fabric Concept

Organizations all over the world – both profit and nonprofit – are looking at leveraging data analytics for improved business performance. Findings from a McKinsey survey indicate that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times more profitable [1]. Research by MIT found that digitally mature firms are 26% […]

Unlocking Strategic Insights by Leveraging Data Analytics in Product Management

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, data analytics in product management has become a pivotal driver of success. Data analytics, the systematic exploration of data sets to glean valuable insights, has revolutionized how companies design, develop, and refine their products. This transformative tool empowers product managers with a nuanced understanding of customer preferences, market trends, […]

Precisely Adds 3D Visualization Capabilities to Newest Version of MapInfo Pro

According to a new press release, Precisely, a global leader in data integrity, has unveiled MapInfo Pro v2023, the latest iteration of its widely used desktop Geographic Information System (GIS). This release introduces new 3D visualization tools that enable users to explore risks and opportunities in a three-dimensional space. Additionally, MapInfo Pro now seamlessly integrates […]