Fundamentals of Descriptive Analytics

In descriptive analytics, data aggregation, and data mining techniques are used to collect and review the historical data of a business to gauge the past performance. The most common example of descriptive analytics is the reports that a user gets from Google Analytics tools. A web server’s summarized performance reports may help the user analyze […]

How AI Liberates BI Data from Dashboards

Business intelligence (BI) has historically been a platform for data and business analysts who build dashboards for executives to make decisions. But the generative AI (GenAI) explosion over the past 18 months has changed the game.  People everywhere have tasted the power of ChatGPT and now want a natural language interface to every application. But […]

What Is Data Literacy? Definition, Components, Uses

Data literacy (DL) describes how well an individual or organization understands, works with, analyzes, visualizes, and applies data to reach their goals. The specific context and use case determine what applying data literacy looks like in practice. For example, while reading visualizations on product deliveries provides value, true data literacy involves going further. It involves actively […]

What Is PMML and Why Is It Important?

You may not be an analytics expert and you may find terms like PMML integration somewhat daunting. But, in reality, the concept is not complex, and the value is outstanding. So, what is PMML integration? PMML stands for “predictive model markup language.” It is an interchange format that provides a method by which analytical applications and […]

AAA Webinar: Training Pre-Trained AI Models

Download the slides here>> About the Webinar In this webinar, we will provide best practices using pre-trained AI models, such as natural language processing, computer vision, or speech recognition. We will cover how to select and fine-tune the appropriate models for different scenarios and applications, how to evaluate and improve their performance and accuracy, and […]

The Future of Insurance: A Business Analyst’s Insight into Emerging Trends and Technologies

The insurance industry is undergoing a revolution, mainly driven by the application of advanced emerging technologies. The application and installation of new technologies enable a better future for our industry, where customers will receive maximum efficiency, security, and flexibility. Here, we address the major technologies and trends that influence this transition, shedding light on their […]

Fundamentals of Data Collaboration

Data collaboration allows organizations to gain insights beyond what their data provides. By sharing information smartly and selectively with partners, companies can uncover new opportunities and insights beyond their internal repository. Moreover, the emergence of large language models (LLMs) applications  – like Chat GPT – and cloud technologies, make this approach more attractive. As businesses become […]