Location Analytics: Improving User Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention

Click to learn more about author Aditi Sinha. “Location” is critical for app-based delivery, logistics, and mobility companies. Who is this for? An app-based delivery company delivers whatever users order through their app right at the user’s location, anytime. On-demand companies, such as food delivery companies, supply chain companies like e-commerce businesses, hyperlocal delivery companies, […]

What is a Data Engineer?

Data engineers build Data Architecture  through infrastructures and foundations. A data engineer is tasked with designing and maintaining the architecture of data systems, which incorporates concepts ranging from analytic frameworks to data warehouses. Responsibilities also include configuring, managing, and scaling data pipelines. Data engineers: Have a programming background (e.g. Java, Scala or Python) Emphasize distributed […]

Investing in Analytics for the Decade Ahead

Click to learn more about author Sri Raghavan.   In our new reality of hyper-disruption, rapid innovation, and evolving consumer expectations, it’s imperative that companies invest in data and analytics to stay competitive as data-driven decisions become the new normal. Furthermore, advanced, automated technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the cloud, and 5G […]

Immuta Demo: Unlocking Sensitive Data with Automated Data Governance

Download slides: In the personal data era, data engineers are under immense pressure to enforce the legal and ethical use of data. Upstream, compliance teams demand that data engineers are well versed in regulation. Downstream, data scientists and business analysts need data engineers to put proper controls in place. These expectations can be daunting […]

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a type of Machine Learning, using neural networks to grasp complex patterns. This type of technology allows Artificial Intelligence systems to perform human like tasks, “such as recognizing real-life objects or understanding speech.” While the operation of these brain-inspired networks remains inscrutable, their interconnected layers algorithms give machines the ability to be […]

Abstractions: The Executive’s Guide to ROI in the Cloud

Click to learn more about author Chris Lynch. Industry icons VMware and MuleSoft changed the way organizations viewed infrastructure and application integration, respectively. Their value propositions cemented the necessity of an abstraction layer to maximize efficiency and flexibility, irrespective of a company’s size or market. Analogous to VMware and MuleSoft, today’s market opportunity awaits the […]

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