Denodo Demo: Next-Gen Data Integration – Exploring Denodo’s Dynamic Data Architectures for Modern Enterprises

Download the slides here >> Join us to discover how Denodo’s innovative approach to data integration empowers organizations to eliminate data silos and expedite data access. This session will demonstrate how Denodo delivers data in the language and speed of business, enhancing business agility. We will explore the key components of Denodo’s data architecture, discuss […]

Data Retention Policies Must Evolve to Address Emerging Technologies and Data Growth

The emergence of new technologies, including AI, IoT, and blockchain, in addition to the widespread embrace of digital transformation, has driven a dramatic increase in data. The reliance on data analytics to drive data-driven decision-making also requires large volumes of data for meaningful insights. While AI and generative AI (GenAI) tools and systems contribute to […]

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Data Integrity Through Legacy Modernization

Legacy systems are the backbone of many businesses, especially those in the industry for decades. These systems ensure a stable and reliable platform for conducting smooth business operations. However, decade-old legacy systems can also pose risks and challenges to data integrity that can affect an organization’s overall growth and success. In response to these challenges, […]