Applying the Principle of Least Privilege to Multi-Cloud Environments

Organizations across all industries are adopting cloud computing models for their flexible, scalable architectures and globally available solutions. Many startups and small businesses are also benefitting from the advanced data security solutions packaged with their cloud service provider offerings, which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. However, these data security solutions require careful management. Organizations don’t […]

Why Small Data Breaches Are a Big Threat to Cybersecurity

Over the last year, a series of high-profile cyber attacks caught the attention of media, national governments, and the broader public. Spectacular data breaches like those that affected Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and SolarWinds can have dramatic consequences for the victims, ranging from ransomware payments to significant reputational damage. As a result, it’s no surprise that many organizations design their […]

How a Modern Data Engineering Stack Can Help Create a Data-Driven Culture

Creating a collaborative, data-driven culture is one of the most important goals of many modern organizations. However, access to the data and data processing tools remains restricted to the selected few technical users or upper management echelons. Data-driven culture cannot exist without the democratization of the data. Data democratization certainly does not mean unrestricted access to all […]

Do You Have “Okta” for Your Data?

SaaS platforms exploded in the last few years for excellent reasons: scalability, cost, accessibility, and flexibility. But like any explosion, it left some messes in its wake. For IT and security teams, in particular, the increasing number of solutions in use created a seemingly never-ending need to add users, remove users, or change permissions every […]

Data Mesh Architecture Fundamentals

A data mesh architecture is a network design that allows data to be routed across multiple paths between network nodes. Whereas traditional network designs routed data along a single path, data mesh architecture enables data to be routed simultaneously across multiple paths between nodes.  This architecture provides several advantages over other architectures, such as a hub-and-spoke […]

DAS Slides: Best Practices in Metadata Management

DAS Webinar: Best Practices in Metadata Management from DATAVERSITY To view the on-demand recording from this presentation, click HERE>> This webinar is sponsored by: About the Webinar Metadata is hotter than ever, according to several recent DATAVERSITY surveys. More and more organizations are realizing that in order to drive business value from data, robust metadata is […]

Establishing Connections and Putting an End to Data Silos

The global pandemic and the move to remote and hybrid workplaces have highlighted the importance of connections in an increasingly disconnected world. While the traditional office setting has become dispersed, business leaders must still connect everyone and everything within their organization. They must connect not only systems, data, and applications to each other, but also to their […]

Primary Data Modeling Techniques

Data Modeling techniques are used to create a map or blueprint showing how an organization gathers and processes data. Data models help to define the logical structure for an organization’s data. Data Modeling techniques are necessary for businesses wanting to maximize and streamline their ability to analyze and understand data. While developing the model, the […]

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