Securing Data in Transit for Analytics Operations

Most enterprises today store and process vast amounts of data from various sources within a centralized repository known as a data warehouse or data lake, where they can analyze it with advanced analytics tools to generate critical business insights.  Modern data warehouse platforms such as Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, and IBM Db2 are built with […]

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips for Effective Data Extraction

Data extraction is a cornerstone in data analytics, enabling organizations to extract valuable insights from raw data. While basic extraction techniques are fundamental, understanding advanced strategies is crucial for maximizing efficiency and accuracy. This article will explore advanced tips for effective data extraction, shedding light on automation tools, leveraging APIs and web scraping techniques, enhancing […]

Women in Data: Meet Deloitte CDO Dr. Adita Karkera

The latest installment in our Q&A series with women leaders in data features Dr. Adita Karkera, chief data officer (CDO) of government and public services at Deloitte. (Read our previous Q&A here.)  Dr. Adita Karkera discovered her love for data as a database administrator for the State of Arkansas. Over the next two decades, she dedicated […]

How to Become a Data Product Manager

Becoming a data product manager means taking responsibility for the development and management of data products. Broadly speaking, a data product is any software or algorithms that use data to accomplish a goal. The data product manager is a management position, and requires several years of experience within the data industry to be done well.  […]

Mission Critical: Dispatch on Safeguarding Government Data

Personal data has emerged as a coveted asset, drawing attention not just from corporate establishments, but also from foreign actors. This interest has sparked a significant challenge – the legal sale of data to overseas entities, raising concerns about the implications for civilians and military personnel alike. The recent initiative by President Biden underscores the criticality of […]

MDM vs. CDP: Which Does Your Organization Need?

Most, if not all, organizations need help utilizing the data collected from various sources efficiently, thanks to the ever-evolving enterprise data management landscape. Often, the reasons include: 1) Data is collected and stored in siloed systems; 2) Different verticals or departments own different types of data; 3) Inconsistent data quality across the organization. Implementing a central […]