Do You Have “Okta” for Your Data?

SaaS platforms exploded in the last few years for excellent reasons: scalability, cost, accessibility, and flexibility. But like any explosion, it left some messes in its wake. For IT and security teams, in particular, the increasing number of solutions in use created a seemingly never-ending need to add users, remove users, or change permissions every […]

The Machine Economy Is Here – The Digital Transformation Era Is Over

The age of digital transformation is over. It’s too late to be debating whether you should digitally transform your organization. The world has already digitally transformed. Everything is already digital-first, totally connected, in the cloud, and powered by data, everywhere, all the time.  Digital-first organizations won. Everyone else missed opportunities to innovate, made costly mistakes, and failed […]

The Trend Toward Emphasizing Data Minimization

With GDPR being the “shot heard ’round the world,” the digital industry, the regulators, and the courts have developed and readjusted the way in which we need to think about this revolutionary body of law. Through this experience, I’ve had a few flashback analogies to Y2K: Leading up to the event, it was a period […]

Five Essential Data Architecture Principles

Data Architecture principles are a set of policies that govern the enterprise data framework with its operating rules for collecting, integrating, using, and managing data assets. The basic purpose of the Data Architecture principles is to keep the supportive data framework clean, consistent, and auditable. The overall enterprise Data Strategy is built around these principles. […]

How IoT Security Affects Data Monetization

Understanding how IoT security affects data monetization is crucial for businesses to effectively trade intel without the risk of online threats. Today, almost every business shares important data, but not all businesses attempt to generate revenue from the shared information. According to McKinsey & Co., high-performing companies that wish to grow tend to adopt data […]

Data Quality Management 101

Data Quality Management is necessary for dealing with the real challenge of low-quality data. Data Quality Management can stop the waste of time and energy required to deal with inaccurate data by manually reprocessing it. Low-quality data can hide problems in operations and make regulatory compliance a challenge. Good Data Quality Management is essential for […]

How Can Unifying Data Fabric and Data Management Help Enterprises?

Today, one of the most cutting-edge technologies is data fabric. Data fabric and data management can significantly improve business functions by connecting siloed data and making it accessible across divisions and workgroups.  Utilizing a specialized architecture, on-premises data can be shared across multi-cloud and deliver unique insights unavailable with other data management techniques. In this […]

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