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Big Data For Lean Startups, Or, A Poor Man's Watson

What do big companies have that most emerging businesses don’t have to help them get value from Big Data? Well, to start with, there’s lots of money and a ton of technology resources. Never fear. At the upcoming Semantic Tech & Business conference in Berlin, Christopher Testa, CTO of startup WhiteBox Inc., plans to give…

Introducing Atosho

Atosho has stepped onto the semantic advertising scene with a new ecommerce tool “which allows web users to buy products via a sophisticated web banner or widget.”

Taking Concept-Based Advertising To Mobile Platforms

If the future of web content is mobile, so too then goes the future of advertising. Mobile ad network Mobile Theory and ad technology company NetSeer want to be there for that future. The two have teamed up with the goal of mobilizing NetSeer’s concept-based advertising, which uses algorithms to pinpoint relevant and related concepts based…