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Case Study Radio, Ep. 1: Business Value of Linked Data

by Eric Franzon SemanticWeb.com today is launching a new podcast series, “Case Study Radio,” that focuses on stories of applications of Semantic Technologies. Our first episode, sponsored by Zepheira, features a conversation with Dr. Eric Miller. During our 14 minute discussion, we briefly talk about “What is Linked Data,” and then quickly move on to…

OCLC Announcement: WorldCat.org Meets Schema.org (and hints of more to come)

OCLC has announced that WorldCat.org pages now include schema.org descriptive mark-up. Created over the last four decades with the participation of thousands of member libraries, WorldCat is the world’s largest online registry of library collections. As the official press release states, “WorldCat.org now offers the largest set of linked bibliographic data on the Web. With…

Exhibit 3.0 Part 1 – An Open Source Software Platform for Publishing Linked Data

This is Part I of a two-part series. Part II will be published later this month. Individuals, communities and organizations increasingly require the ability to combine fragmented data sources into easily searched and navigated wholes.  From combining family playlists to merging scientific databases and spreadsheets, the need for integrating data and metadata from multiple sources…

Looking Ahead to SemTech

On Saturday, I once again board a plane from London to San Francisco; the first of two trips to the city in June, and my fourth (or possibly fifth?) time attending the Semantic Technology Conference. The conference itself is in its seventh year, and now seems settled into its San Francisco home after a number…

Breaking into the Semantic Web, Part II


This interview with Eric Miller, President of Zepheira was conducted by Golda Velez. http://zepheira.com

SR: Eric, let me ask your advice. The Semantic Web is interesting, exciting, promising. So say I’m a developer, how do I get involved with it? Or suppose I have a tech company, how do I get work in this field?

Semantic Web at DAMA


Wilshire conferences is putting on the DAMA International Symposium and
MetaData Conference this week here in San Diego. A lot of the issues
that data management folks care about (master data management, data
federation, identity management) are also dealt with by the Semantic