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DBpedia 3.9 Hits The Runway

DBpedia 3.9 is up and going. Word came today from Christian Bizer and Christopher Sahnwaldt that the new release boasts an overall increase in the number of concepts in the English edition from 3.7 to 4 million things, thanks to being based on updated Wikipedia dumps from the spring of 2013. Other numbers to impress:

Dynamic Semantic Publishing for News Organizations

Paul Wilton was Technical and development lead for semantic publishing at BBC News and Sport Online during the 2010 World Cup.  Currently he is the Technical architect at Ontoba.  In this interview, a supplement to “Dynamic Semantic Publishing for Beginners”, Paul describes the current landscape for DSP as it applies to news organizations. Q. Are…

Schema.org Now Supports External Lists

The schema.org official blog has announced support for enumerated lists. Adding this support allows developers using schema.org to use selected externally maintained vocabularies in their schema.org markup. According to the W3C-hosted schema.org WebSchemas wiki, “This is in addition to the existing extension mechanisms we support, and the general ability to include whatever markup you like…