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Big Data Takes Out the Trash

Alone (higher resolution re-upload)

by Angela Guess Theo Priestley of Wired recently wrote, “In 2012, the Senseable City Lab, part of MIT, conducted an experiment called Trash Track to see just what happens when someone takes out the trash. By attaching transmitters to over 3,000 pieces of rubbish they were able to track where that item went, whether they went to…

Big Data and Cybersecurity at the Olympics


by Angela Guess Chris Peterson of TechNewsWorld reports, “In the most recent Beijing Olympics, it is estimated there were 12 million potential cybersecurity threats each day. The reality is the majority of these threats were easily mitigated — routine cybersecurity attacks from automated tools and moderately skilled attackers. However, within those millions of benign threats,…

Big Data on the Tube

London Connections

by Angela Guess A new article out of The Economist discusses the potential uses of Big Data in London’s tube system. The article begins, “Transport for London (TfL) already operates one of the world’s largest metropolitan telecoms networks to cope with the huge amounts of data generated by its 270 stations and 530 trains during…