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Internet of Things: Semantic Tech Has A Role, If Businesses Can Figure Out What IoT Means To Them

Semantic technology will have a starring role in the Internet of Things. Supporting interoperability between heterogeneous IoT entities, playing a part in driving much-needed application agility and adaptability through model-driven computing, and helping businesses cope with understanding and analyzing the influx of Big, and often unstructured, Data generated not just by humans but now by…

Creating Standards for the Internet of Things

Michael Vizard of Programmable Web recently wrote, “While just about everybody would agree that the Internet of Things within the context of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications is one of the next big things on the Web, turning that vision into reality has been problematic because of the lack of standards.”

M2M Big Data

Nikon D70S CCD sensor

by Angela Guess John Myers of Inside Analysis recently predicted, “The truly game changing use case for Big Data is the predicted increase in data coming from machine-to-machine (M2M) sensor and activity log information. This data is going to come from all sorts of devices – cars, trains, planes, refrigerators, air conditioners and wireless devices…