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5 Big Data Lessons Learned from PRISM

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by Angela Guess Jason Bloomberg of Baseline Magazine recently wrote, “In the days since the news of the National Security Agency’s secret PRISM spying—oops, surveillance, initiative broke, there has been no end of consternation among the media and the Twitterverse. Regardless of what you think of the NSA’s efforts to collect information on Americans, one fact…

The Spies of Silicon Valley?

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by Angela Guess Michael Hirsh of Quartz recently wrote, “Some of America’s biggest social media and tech companies have been denying in recent days that they were aware of the National Security Agency’s recently-exposed ‘PRISM’ and telephone monitoring programs. But these denials obscure a larger truth: The government’s massive data collection and surveillance system was…

What The NSA Can Do With All That Data

Sean Gallagher of Ars Technica writes, “Most of us are okay with what Google does with its vast supply of ‘big data,’ because we largely benefit from it—though Google does manage to make a good deal of money off of us in the process. But if I were to backspace over Google’s name and replace it with ‘National Security Agency,’ that would leave a bit of a different taste in many people’s mouths.”

The Data Governance Lessons Coming Out of the US Data Surveillance Program

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by Angela Guess Justin Kern of Information Management recently reported, “In the background of ongoing revelations and fallout from a federal contractor leaking what are reportedly U.S. government scans of loads of private citizen phone data are enterprise lessons on approaching advanced analytics, big data and public information projects, according to industry experts. The personal data privacy…