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Declara Individualizes Large-Scale Learning

by Jennifer Zaino Learning at large-scale. That’s the work Declara is undertaking with its CognitiveGraph platform that leverages semantic search, social platforms and predictive analytics to build context-specific learning pathways for the individuals involved in mass learning efforts. Think, for example, of teachers in a country working to re-educate all its educators, or retail and…

TipTop Provides Semantic Data Analysis To SMBs, Enhances Consumer Offerings Too

TipTop Technologies has just debuted two self-serve semantic data analytics services for small and medium-size businesses, to join its custom-service solutions directed at helping larger enterprises in the finance, marketing and publishing verticals engage in activities such as semantically classifying and categorizing unstructured information on the web, and track and influence company, product and topic…

Experimental App’s Semantic Signature Feature Aims At Making FOAF Files Reliable Source of Identity Information

An experimental application from Safelayer, dubbed FOAF Manager, is intended to provide trust to the wealth of information on social networks – identity information in particular. Safelayer, a well-known name in the European ICT security market, develops technology for m anaging digital identification and trust in information and communication networks, with authentication, electronic signature and…

LinkedIn’s Big Opening Built on Big Data


by Angela Guess A new article takes a look at headline-making LinkedIn and one of the major factors of its success: Big Data. The article states, “LinkedIn is valued at $8.79 billion after its first day as a public company. Founder and chairman Reid Hoffman and friends are drinking champagne tonight, that is for sure.…

Semantifying Social Networks – SemTech 2009 Audio


Paul Miller, The Cloud of Data
Nova Spivack, Radar Networks (Twine.com)
Daniela Barbosa, DataPortability Project/ Dow Jones
Fraser Kelton, AdaptiveBlue Inc
Stephen A. Leicht, Collexis Holdings Inc.
Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State U

Social networking continues to grow and evolve, expanding beyond the early adopters to attract usage in a wide variety of social, business and educational contexts. Community innovations such as the Twitter ‘hash tag’ demonstrate users’ desire to bring structure to their interactions with these networks, and a plethora of mashups make use of APIs to demonstrate the value of this structure. As yet more structure is added, and as the semantic richness grows, do these networks continue to become more powerful or does increased complexity run counter to the ways in which they are actually used?