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Natural Language Processing Can’t Beat Human Translators (Yet)

by Angela Guess Ofer Shoshan of Beta News recently wrote, “Anyone who has tried to read a Google Translated article knows that machine translations still don’t entirely get things like context, colloquial and nuance. This hysterical rendition of the hit song ‘Let It Go’ — where the lyrics were Google Translated into another language and…

Translating Speech in Real Time at AT&T

Brian Steiner of Popular Mechanics reports, “AT&T Translator, a service on the company’s teleconference system that translates speech between languages in real time, is currently in pilot testing by some of the company’s biggest business customers.”

DEITY Launches Indian Search

Tech2 reports, “The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) unveiled Internet search engine, Sandhan, yesterday to assist users searching for tourism-related information across websites.”

Cloudwords Aims to Conquer Translation Market


by Angela Guess NoSQL startup Cloudwords is going after the translation market. Barb Darrow reports, ” Tech companies can easily spend millions of dollars per year (or a hundred times that) translating their software, documentation and related materials for different markets in a process that has thus far avoided automation. Such global translation services represented an estimated…