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NSTIC Embraces ID Management Solution

Kat Megas of NSTIC recently wrote, “Among the questions we’re asked most frequently about NSTIC is: why are trusted identities good for business? The NSTIC pilots have collectively started to answer that question, highlighting how better privacy, security and convenience are enabling new online business models, and driving higher sales and profits. One of the…

USAA and IBM Join Forces to Serve Military Members


by Angela Guess In a new report out of IBM, the company has announced that “the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson technology are now available to USAA members. USAA is the first to commercialize the use of Watson as a consumer-facing application. USAA, a financial services provider for the military community, is offering IBM’s Watson Engagement Advisor in…

"The Durkheim Project" Will Analyze Opt-In Data From Veterans, Analyze Suicide Risk

Patterns and Predictions, and the Veterans Education and Research Association of Northern New England, with help from Facebook, Inc., today launched a research project designed to help mental health professionals detect and monitor communications and behavioral patterns predictive of suicide risk — informed by a related study of an anonymous population of risk in U.S. veterans.