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With 2020 now behind us, we here at DATAVERSITY are taking a moment to look back on the hits and misses of this unprecedented year. What content did you, our readers, seek out most during challenging times? Which topics helped you succeed as a data professional, and what should we focus more on in 2021 and beyond?

Below, you’ll find our top 20 articles and blog posts written and published in 2020. They cover a wide range of subject areas, from Data Architecture to Data Science to the increasing importance of Data Literacy in the workplace. Data Governance and Quality continue to be hot topics, as companies grapple with data security and privacy laws and more and more people transition to working remotely. What’s more, our audience seems as eager as ever to learn about different careers in Data Management and explore the skills and responsibilities necessary to compete in today’s data-driven world.

What content did you love in 2020? Is there a topic near and dear to your heart that’s missing from this list? Check out our most popular articles and blog posts from the previous year and let us know what you think:

Top 20 Articles and Blogs:

  1. Article: Data Science Trends in 2020
  2. Article: Data Architect vs. Data Modeler vs. Data Engineer  
  3. Article: Data Governance Trends in 2020
  4. Blog: OpenShift vs. Kubernetes: The Seven Most Critical Differences
  5. Article: Databases vs. Hadoop vs. Cloud Storage
  6. Article: Data Architecture Trends in 2020
  7. Blog: How to Overcome Data Order Issues in Apache Kafka
  8. Article: Understanding Key-Value Databases
  9. Blog: Data Management has Failed! And Presented Us a Historic Opportunity
  10. Blog: Data Management Hasn’t Failed, but Data Management Storytelling Has
  11. Article: The Future of Deep Learning
  12. Article: So You Want to Be a Data Architect?
  13. Blog: Ten 2020 Visions for Data Modelers
  14. Blog: Without Improved Business Skills, a Dark Day is Coming for Data Scientists
  15. Article: Understanding the Uses of Artificial Intelligence
  16. Article: Data Literacy Leads to Success
  17. Article: Data Management vs. Business Intelligence
  18. Blog: Data Lake or Data Warehouse?
  19. Article: Case Study: Building a Business Intelligence Team with Confidence and Transparency
  20. Article: A Brief History of Data Quality

Top 10 Webinars:

  1. Taking an Active Approach to Data Governance
  2. RWDG: Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities
  3. RWDG: Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Catalogs Result in Data Governance
  4. RWDG: Data Governance and Three Levels of Metadata Management
  5. RWDG: Building a Data Governance Roadmap
  6. The Automated Business Glossary
  7. DAS: Data Architect vs. Data Engineer vs. Data Modeler
  8. DAS: Data Quality Best Practices
  9. DataEd: Data Architecture vs. Data Modeling – Compare and Contrast
  10. DataEd: Data Management Best Practices

Top Learning Plans in the DATAVERSITY Training Center:

  1. DMBK0: DMBoK and CDMP Preparation Learning Plan
  2. DQ0: Data Quality Learning Plan
  3. DG0: Data Governance Learning Plan
  4. NGDG0: Next-Generation Data Governance Learning Plan
  5. MM0: Metadata Management Learning Plan

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