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It is once again time to look back and evaluate the struggles and successes of the previous year and then build those lessons into the year to come. Part of how we do that here at DATAVERSITY is to look at the content consumed by the community over the year and evaluate what was hot and what was not.

Historically this annual top 20 post started with a simple review of the content posted on our trade journal, Then it grew to include our webinar education program. This year we are adding two more hot spots. This last year we spent a lot of time investing in our DATAVERSITY Training Center and started loading it with content. In addition, we launched for the first time in answer to a demand from the webinar community for a place to continue the conversations, the DATAVERSITY Community, a forum and networking place for Data Management professionals.

Overall, we continue to see Data Governance as a hot spot for all persons engaged in some level of Data Management. Roll out of local, national, and international data privacy laws and a very high demand from all personnel for Data Quality drive the need for all to know and understand Data Governance.

Another decision for us at the end of this year as we evaluate content consumed, is to diminish “Big Data” as a stand-alone topic. Most data management professionals understand what it is and are no longer searching to understand it by itself. We will continue to talk about Big Data, but will file it into the now more relevant topics of Database and Analytics.

On the flip side, we will be bringing Data Literacy to the forefront. An important topic not just to the community, but what we stand for as a company. Whatever we can do to help spread the understanding and joy of good Data Management.

And with that, without further ado, may we present the hottest content of the year…

Top 20 Articles and Blogs:

  1. Article: Data Architect vs. Data Engineer
  2. Article: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019
  3. Article: Data Governance Trends in 2019
  4. Article: Data Governance vs. Master Data Management
  5. Blog: Why Your Data Strategy Needs to Align with Your Business Strategy
  6. Article: A Brief History of Machine Learning
  7. Article: Developing a Functional Data Governance Framework
  8. Article: Data Science Trends in 2019
  9. Article: The Importance of Data Literacy
  10. Article: So You Want to be a Chief Data Officer?
  11. Article: Graph Database vs. Document Database: Different Levels of Abstraction
  12. Article: The State of Data Management: Challenges, Predictions, and Solutions
  13. Blog: Fraud Detection Using a Neural Autoencoder
  14. Article: Data Architecture Trends in 2019
  15. Blog: 2019: Full Scale Schema Modeling
  16. Article: Data Architecture with Data Governance: A Proactive Approach
  17. Article: Big Data Integration 101: The What, Why, and How
  18. Article: Knowledge Graphs, Ontologies, and AI
  19. Case Study: Case Study: Cornell University Automates Data Warehouse Infrastructure
  20. Blog: Is it Time to Drain the Data Lake?

Top 10 Webinars:

  1. RWDG: Metadata Governance for Catalogs, Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Data
  2. RWDG: Data Governance vs Information Governance
  3. DataEd: Data Modeling is Fundamental
  4. DataEd: Data Architecture vs Data Modeling
  5. Designing a Successful Governed Citizen Data Science Strategy
  6. RWDG: A Complete Set of Data Governance Roles & Responsibilities
  7. RWDG: What is a Data Steward to do?
  8. RWDG: How to Govern Data Lakes
  9. RWDG: Build an Effective Data Governance Framework
  10. DAS: Data Catalogues – Architecting for Collaboration & Self-Service

Top Viewed Community Forum Threads (Forum:Thread):

Call-out: in this new platform, what’s interesting here is the most viewed threads aren’t always (and sometimes not even close) the thread with the most posts associated with it. These are the posts people want to know the most about, but aren’t always ready to jump into the conversation and discuss. Just know, you’re not alone.

  1. Data Architecture: What does being a data architect mean to you?
  2. Data Modeling: Data Modelling Principles
  3. Data Governance & Quality: Alternate Names for “Data Governance Office”
  4. Data Governance & Quality: What’s the first step to building a Data Governance program?
  5. Data Governance & Quality: SharePoint as a Data Governance Tool
  6. Data Governance & Quality: Swimming in a sea of bad data
  7. Data Strategy: Three Words I Hate to Hear
  8. Analytics / BI / Data Science: What are people’s preferred BI tool? Why do you prefer it?
  9. Data Modeling: Data Modeling Tools
  10. Data Governance & Quality: Data Governance Frameworks

Top Learning Plans Purchased:

  1. Data Governance Learning Plan
  2. Data Stewardship: A Complete Guide
  3. Data Leadership Learning Plan
  4. Non-Invasive Data Governance
  5. Mastering a Master Data Management Program

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