How We Will Harvest Cognition in 2017

Click here to learn more about author James Kobielus. As we bid farewell to 2016, the entire data industry is focused on cognitive computing as the path forward. We’re all making predictions for how Cognitive Computing’s footprint in our lives will deepen in coming years. One key assumption in everybody’s predictions is that somehow this […]

Making Your Data Progressively Smarter

Click here to learn more about author James Kobielus. Data is data. It’s not inherently dumb or smart. What matters is whether your data, be it large or small, contributes to smarter decisions. How can you leverage your big-data resource so that it drives smarter decisions? Last year, DATAVERSITY published this thought-provoking Dataversity article in which they stated […]

Vetting the Actual Science Behind Data Science

Click here to learn more about author James Kobielus. Everybody wants to rule the world–or, at the very least, discover the fundamental rules that rule the world. That’s why we have scientists. Statistical models are the heart of most scientific inquiry. In business applications, for example, data scientists often work with behavioral data that is […]