Five Tips for Telling a Compelling Data Story

Running a business is impossible without data. Data clarifies the facts, revealing insights that help everyone from top executives to front-line employees make better decisions. Nonetheless, it is as much an art as a science to make sense of data and use it to maximum effect. Information overload is one reason. The amount of data […]

Data Governance at the Edge of the Cloud

We are living in turbulent times. Online security has always been an area of concern; however, with recent global events, the world we now live in has become increasingly cloud-centric. With that, I’ve long believed that for most large cloud platform providers offering managed services, such as document editing and storage, email services and calendar […]

Best Practices for Managing a Data Fabric

When data is not viable for integration across systems and processes, business users will seldom have the right coverage of data. If people lack knowledge about data and its importance logically, it often becomes a challenge, which leads to less impactful decisions. A data fabric is an architectural capability that can give organizations a “data […]

3 Data Team Time Sinks and How to Solve Them

Unlocking value from data is a journey. It involves investing in data infrastructure, analysts, scientists, and processes for managing data consumption. Even when data operations teams progress along this journey, growing pains crop up as more users want more data. The problems can spike quickly or grow subtly over time. You don’t have to grin […]

Most U.S. Companies Still Not Prepared for GDPR or CCPA Compliance

Even though the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect four years ago and a hundred other countries have adopted stringent data privacy laws, the U.S. is lagging behind without a federal data privacy rights regulation. California has taken the lead at the state level, the first to adopt the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018, with Virginia […]

Governors of Data: A Song About Data Governance

Editor’s Note: Data professional Tiankai Feng writes and performs songs about everything from lockdown to virtual meetings to analytics. We here at DATAVERSITY can’t stop humming “Governors of Data,” his catchy and clever ode to Data Governance – and we think you’ll enjoy it too. I started my role in Data Governance in January and realized quickly […]

Data Projects Should Start with Data Governance

The hallmark of any successful Data Governance implementation is awareness. In the context of a large system integration project, we are talking about awareness of: 1) Data Quality expectations and metrics, 2) Enterprise Data Management plan, 3) Data Governance best practices, 4) data risk factors, 5) Data Governance framework, 6) data owners/data consumers, 7) Data Architecture principles, 8) […]

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