The Case for GDPR by a Friendly Hacker

I like to hack into Microsoft products in my free time – and that’s given me a pretty unique perspective on how we need to protect data in our digital world. Before anyone calls the authorities, I promise that it’s all kosher. In fact, Microsoft rewards people for discovering their vulnerabilities.  Whitehat hacking and bug […]

Optimizing Data Quality to Navigate Economic Turbulence 

Sustained economic volatility and a global recession have forced enterprise leaders to make difficult decisions. Some are reducing headcount and scaling down operational overhead to become more agile, while others have implemented cost-saving measures, such as cutting tech spend, to improve financial flexibility. These initiatives may provide companies with short-term reprieve during times of disruption, […]

Takeaways for Businesses in the Rapidly Evolving Data Security and Privacy Landscape

As more and more businesses jump into the digital transformation bandwagon by leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies, data security and privacy challenges have also increased.  Even though customer privacy and security may seem interchangeable to most of us, both are distinctly separate yet interrelated concepts. And knowing the exact difference between the two is undoubtedly the need […]

How Data Integrity Can Maximize Business Value

The last few years have demonstrated how critical it is for businesses to maintain agility and make fast, confident decisions to stay ahead. The resulting economic uncertainty and growth of industry-wide trends, including ESG, cloud migration, and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning programs – such as OpenAI’s newly launched GPT-4 model and […]

Data Observability vs. Monitoring vs. Testing

Companies are spending a lot of money on data and analytics capabilities, creating more and more data products for people inside and outside the company. These products rely on a tangle of data pipelines, each a choreography of software executions transporting data from one place to another. As these pipelines become more complex, it’s important […]

How Automation Is Changing the Compliance Workflow

With over 1.1 trillion MB of data generated daily, you would be hard-pressed to find an industry that isn’t leveraging data and technology to drive organizational success. And for good reason – from real-time decision-making to better generating visibility into operations, data has become an indispensable part of the business world’s intelligence toolbox. That said, some sectors […]

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